Digital platform for your building

Give your tenants the keys to a digital building

Integrate all of your buildings' systems directly into Workwell

Service requests, room control, cafeteria, infrastructure, building access… All of your buildings' systems can be integrated directly into Workwell.

An Open and Modular Platform

Workwell is a platform. Everyone, existing service providers, internal company teams and third-party developers can contribute to it. Workwell will evolve along with your tenants' needs.

One building app, multiple tenants, multiple sites


One Building App

As a real estate owner or manager, you can make your building Workwell-ready, and offer your tenants digital access to all your services:

  • room control
  • auditorium hall booking
  • service requests
  • concierge
  • fitness centers
  • cafeteria, etc.
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    Multiple Tenants

    Each tenant will then be able to add internal or third-party services, tailoring their own Workwell experience:

  • meeting rooms booking
  • floor plans
  • company news
  • car sharing
  • food delivery, etc.
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    Multiple Sites

    Workwell is flexible and can be used in a number of configurations:

  • by multiple tenants in one building
  • by one tenant in multiple buildings
  • in mixed-use developments
  • Proud partners with

    Unibail Rodamco
    Workwell will be at the heart of the appeal of our office buildings, where we deploy a new art of working by providing new services to tenants.

    Christophe Cuvillier

    Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, Unibail-Rodamco


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