The first office app built as an open platform

Looking to digitalize your workspace?

Do you want to avoid employees downloading multiple apps to access their office services? Would you like to automatically broadcast employee services as you update them, without any new mobile downloads?

Welcome to Workwell. You’ve come to the right place.

Centralize all your office and employee services into one mobile app

Your employees should not have to waste time hunting through the Intranet to understand what services are available to them. With Workwell, each user is able to see each service directly in the app, already configured to their specific parameters.

Simplify access through SSO

Your employees will be able to access all Workwell services using a single login. No multiple accounts, no repeated password input forms. We also integrate with existing SSO (Single Sign-On) systems, so that employees have a Workwell account ready for them to use even at first download.

Add, edit and remove employee services in real time

The open Workwell platform allows you to add, customise, iterate and remove services to suit all your employees’ needs. Each of these changes will be automatically transmitted to your employees, without them needing to update or re-download apps.

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Need only one single app to communicate with your whole company community

Workwell users have direct access to their company directory, but are also able to connect with their colleagues directly through the different employee services made available to them through the app. Through the app’s notifications, your organization can also broadcast information to specific usergroups, or to your entire employee community. At Workwell, we strive to create community in everything that we do.

The typical day of a Workwell user

  • Wake up and check the Company News
  • A colleague near you is Carpooling to work, join their ride!
  • Enter the building using your QR Code Entry Badge
  • Book a Meeting Room for your weekly team catchup
  • Adjust the lighting in your meeting room
  • Look up a colleague from your morning meeting in the Group Directory, and directly start chatting with them

    Look up a colleague from your meeting in the Group Directory

  • Your Dry Cleaning is ready for pickup!
  • Meet a new colleague to have lunch with using the Shake feature

    Find a lunch companion using Shake

  • Check what’s on the Cafeteria Menu today
  • Your client is arriving by car, book them a Parking Spot
  • Your guest has just Checked In at Reception, time to go fetch them!

    Your guest has just checked in at the reception

  • Your babysitter just cancelled for tonight! Find a Nanny last minute
  • You receive a Group Notification from your company’s Yoga Group - there is a spare spot in the 6pm class!

    Group notification from your Yoga Group - there is a spare spot in the 6pm class!

  • It turns out you need to work late - Order a Delivery Meal on the company within your permitted parameters
  • Book a Car Service home without needing to enter the corporate card details

The Workwell Effect

By using our rich ecosystem of service partners, we will find a service to respond to each of your employee needs. We will keep your company up to date on the best services available in the market.

What are some of the benefits of implementing Workwell?

  • Employee retention

  • Better utilization of services made available to employees

  • Increase millennial engagement

  • Improved wellbeing at work

  • Boosted productivity

  • A happier, more connected workplace

Services to address each of your needs





HR Management


Food Delivery


Digital Workspace


Floor Plans
John Paul

John Paul







Meeting Rooms


Building Access


Smart Lockers
Your Service

Your Service

Create your own

Security is not negotiable

Security is our top priority

We look at securing our platform seriously. Wether it's a simple line of code or a complex server infrastructure, we make sure we don't make any compromise. You can use Workwell in total confidence, knowing that you have nothing to worry about.

Industry leading security standards

Workwell is built and controlled using the highest computing security and data safety standards. We are ISO 27001 compliant and our practices are regularly audited by third party auditors.

Your data is secure

We provide a fully dedicated and isolated server to host your data. It’s physically separated from other clients. Data is fully encrypted with a dedicated key. We never store clear data.

Your data is confidential

We combine technology, people and processes to protect your data. We never share your data with other clients our with third party entities.

We have experience working with large corporations

BNP Renault Aviva Air-France Allianz Roche Accenture
Aviva Renault BNP Accenture Air-France Allianz Roche

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